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I'm Candice

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Sensitive and very nostalgic...

Chocolate lover above all!

here you see me,


but on a daily basis I don't like being in the spotlight. I observe, listen and guide discreetly.


And I shine a light on YOU. ​


I live in the Vexinoise countryside in the Paris region with my "little" family of six, Isis (the Persian) and Thelma (the golden).


Before letting myself get caught up in this lifelong passion of photography, I wore many professional hats. From psychology school, to human resources, then to supporting people with autistic disorders, my activities have always led me to meet others, in their singularity and in their richness.​ ​


I observe, I listen, and I see... the beauty in each and every one! ​ ​


Today I like to highlight it! Because photographing is “writing with light”.


Write your story, ink it, as I would have liked mine to be anchored. ​


I am a Lifestyle photographer, photographer of your life, in real life.

As a mother myself

I know that the most valuable moments in life seem to evaporate in an instant. My mission is to capture your connections, small moments of joy, and the beauty of everyday life in a moving and timeless way.

photographe séance photographie lifestyle seance famille à la maison
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