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The Experience

Let's create memories together that suit you

Lifestyle or reportage photo sessions in the comfort of your home

“Lifestyle” means “way of life”.


The experience that I offer you by coming to meet you, at home, in your universe, your cocoon, is to immortalize a real slice of your life, quite simply.


Highlight the authenticity of a family moment, in a somewhat “journalistic photo” approach:

No imposed poses, costumes or fixed smiles. Spontaneity, hugs, laughter, sulking, mess, life,...



I want that later, when going through the pages of your albums with your children and grandchildren, real emotions will come to the surface and not soulless images that don't tell you anything.


May the smell of laundry and the strength of your connections return to them. May they remember the laughter and the songs. The cuddles, the routines, the heckling, the flavors...

Madeleines de Proust.

How it Works

How will this happen?

Before the session

Get to know...

I am sending you a short questionnaire in order to get to know you better, which will help me prepare our session and adapt it to your desires and your story, because you are unique and I am keen to adapt the session at this time. sense.


I will also give you some tips for preparing yourself and a quick reminder of how the session will take place.


Still have questions? We can always communicate by telephone to answer them,  do not hesitate.

Candice Fouliard Photographe grossesse-H

During the session

Discretion and natural

I follow you in your daily life, at your pace. I adapt. No pressure. We are here to have a good time and keep nice memories. It’s a little bubble out of time that you offer yourself. 

For two hours, or more depending on the package chosen, I discreetly capture your connections, your laughter, your emotions, through authentic activities that we will have chosen together beforehand, based on your family habits, your history, your what makes sense to you.


Depending on your ease, and with my know-how, I can guide you slightly, or leave you more free if you are completely at ease.

After the session

Processing your photos

Back home, I save your precious photos and carry out an initial sorting to keep only the best.


I then rework in detail the brightness, colors and other technical aspects of your photos, one by one,  to highlight them without distorting them. I add my photographic and artistic style while retaining the essence of your story.

I prepare the editing of your photo film if you have opted for this option, with a selection of the highlights.

photographie lifestyle d'un bébé dans son couffin
sans titre-HD NANO-99_edited.jpg

Selection and delivery

Choosing Memories to Cherish

You will be able to view all of your photos in a private online gallery within a month, maximum, and make your selection of the best moments.

Once you have made your choice, I will deliver the photos to you in high definition in this same gallery. You can choose to download them, share them as well as print them from a quality printer, in the online store.

If you have chosen it, you also receive the photo film with music in the same format. Emotions guaranteed!

sans titre-HD NANO-120.jpg


I have tried to answer the most common questions here, if you still have any questions do not hesitate to Contact me

  • Pourquoi faire des séances à la maison et pas en studio?
    If you're looking to escape your everyday life with movie star photos, then yes! Go do a studio session. There will be the beautiful outfits of princesses and princes that we can see on the networks, artificial lighting to give a Hollywood atmosphere, the photographer will show you flattering breaks and you will leave fully satisfied with your photos. This is totally understandable, and it's also part of my side hustle. On the other hand, if you want in a few years to be able to immerse yourself in authentic memories, which resemble you, which will remind you of moments of tenderness and joy with your family, it is more in the direction of lifestyle photography at home. If your house is your cocoon, if the little fingerprints on the windows are proof to you that a family full of children, sometimes close to burnout, but still fulfilled lives here, this is the lifestyle to home you need. If you are bothered by the act of posing and your children cannot sit still, if you are looking for spontaneity, laughter, real life, it is still at home, in your world that it is need to take photos. And you are in the right place!
  • So what is the difference with the photos I take on a daily basis?
    Déja, si vous faites les photos, c'est que vous n'apparaissez pas dessus! C'est un constat récurrent. Les mamans passent beaucoup de temps à immortaliser leur petite famille, mais plus tard, elle ne se retrouveront pas sur les albums. D'ailleurs, les photos, souvent prises au téléphone, restent dans le téléphone. Des photos professionnelles sont plus souvent imprimées et affichées. Ensuite, bien que la technologie ait fait de grands pas et que certains smartphones montent à 45 millions de pixels, rien ne vaut la qualité d'un appareil professionnel en terme de bokeh (vous savez le joli flou en arrière plan) ou de piqué (ça c'est la netteté). Et par dessus tout, rien ne vaut le regard et l'expertise d'un professionnel qui maîtrise la lumière naturelle, le cadrage, les petits détails que vous ne voyez même plus, le storytelling,... Qui saura vous guider, retranscrire une atmosphère et sublimer votre quotidien, lui donner de la densité et de la valeur. Pour finir, une séance photo, c'est un petit moment hors du temps que l'on s'offre. Un joli prétexte pour se retrouver, se célébrer, s'aimer !
  • Is my interior photogenic enough?
    SO... It's not a question of being photogenic or not (and I'm not just talking about your interior), but rather how the photographer is able to bring out its positive aspects. How it will frame, capture the light, etc... At home, it’s already your story, so just for that it’s beautiful. Then, I will play with light, materials, colors, perspectives and geometry to capture the most beautiful things your house can reveal. This is why the more generous you are with details when filling out the questionnaire, the more I will be able to capture the essence of your home. What is the light like at different times and rooms, what place do you prefer and why, what atmosphere emerges from your cocoon. Rather modern, bohemian, classic... Tidy, messy,... In this regard, you often wonder if you should tidy up before my arrival. So, I'm going to do my norm.... I'll tell you that it depends. What you want to see and convey in your images. If it's your nature to live with books piling up everywhere, furniture piling up in your home, so be it! It's your story. If, on the other hand, you are more of a maniac by nature and everything is designed in terms of decoration, go! That's ok too. It also depends on what you want to see in your photos. Images more oriented towards family reporting which reflect real life, even if everything is not impeccable, or lifestyle images but a little more aesthetic and smoothed. I obviously advise you to try to tidy up a little so as not to saturate the images with unnecessary information, but don't distort yourself either.
  • How to dress?
    If you choose a photo session with me, you will receive a short guide that will give you this kind of information. Choose clothes that suit you, in which you feel good. Make sure they match (without being identical), that the colors and style go well together, and don't clash with your interior (it's easier for the colorimetry afterwards ;-). It is especially important not to wear very colorful clothes or clothes with messages, because this will distract the attention from the main subject, which is you and your little family. If necessary, we can review it together on the big day.
  • What if baby or children are not in a good mood on the big day?
    We breathe... It's just a photo shoot after all, not the oral exam! More seriously, really, don't put pressure on yourself. I will adapt to the baby's rhythm. If it is necessary to take a little more time, I happily accept a little tea, while baby wakes up from his nap. And first of all, naps make pretty photos too. If I arrive at bath or feeding time, this is also one of the memories that will be precious to you. If there is colic, don't stress, because your baby feels it too. Don't act on me but listen to your baby. I will always have beautiful moments to capture. For the older ones, but not always patient or a little intimidated, don't worry, we take a little time to play before machine-gunning, or we start with mom and dad and the rest of the siblings and generally, stung by curiosity (and a little pride), the most recalcitrant quickly come back to us. And let's not forget that it's not like a wedding, in the event of force majeure, the session can be rescheduled.
  • What is the best time for a birth session?
    Cela dépend, encore une fois, de vos préférences. Si vous voulez des souvenirs de votre nourrisson, il est recommandé de la faire durant les quinze jours qui suivent la naissance du bébé, car durant ces moments, les bébés pleurent peu, dorment beaucoup et ont un sommeil vraiment profond. Toutefois, si vous rêvez de photographier les premiers rires, les premiers bourrelets, et le regard curieux de votre bébé sur son entourage alors l'idéal pour est entre trois et six mois. Entre ces deux périodes, bébé souffre souvent de coliques et c'est donc peu idéal.
  • When is the best time for a maternity session?
    Je dirais que les septième et huitième mois sont les plus appropriés. Avant le sixième mois votre ventre ne se voit pas encore assez, sauf si vous avez déjà été maman, au delà du huitième vous êtes plus fatiguée et le risque d'une naissance anticipée est plus fort.
  • Are you coming to the region?
    I can travel to the region for weddings or large-scale family reports, in your family homes for example. A supplement will be charged for transport and accommodation costs.
  • We are a little embarrassed that our photos are published on the internet
    First of all, please know that I do not publish anything without your prior agreement, and that, if necessary, we complete a distribution authorization together. However, it is important to explain that your images, which I am keen to make as beautiful as possible, are the only showcase of my work. Just as an artist would exhibit his works or a craftsman his work in order to make himself known, photographers need to communicate about their work. This is also what allows you, too, to get an idea of the photographic world of the professional you hire, and to make your choice. Finally, of course, the idea is to broadcast on my media only images that you are proud of and which highlight you.
  • What are the payment options available.
    Vous pouvez régler votre séance en liquide, par chèque, virement ou PayPal. Sachez toutefois qu'en cas de paiement par PayPal, une sur tarification de 2,90 % du montant de la prestation sera demandée pour couvrir les frais de transaction.
  • Can we pay in several installments?
    Bien évidemment. Vous pourrez établir plusieurs chèques (à voir selon le tarif de la séance) lors de la signature du contrat que j'encaisserai chaque mois. Vous avez également la possibilité de payer par PayPal, qui offre la possibilité du 4x sans frais. Sachez toutefois qu'en cas de paiement par PayPal, une sur tarification de 2,90 % du montant de la prestation sera demandée pour couvrir les frais de transaction.
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I give myself memories

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