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Paris Wedding Photographer

Couple, Engagement & Day after

A wedding in Paris, a lovers’ dream...

Are you organizing your wedding in Paris ? What luck !

Paris, THE capital of love, offers an incomparable setting to celebrate your union. From romantic cobblestone streets to majestic monuments, every corner of this iconic city is a perfect canvas for your love story.

Inasmuch as wedding photographer in Paris , I will guide you in the best places to take couple photos in Paris , and create with you ultra romantic and aesthetic images for your civil or religious wedding, your engagement photo session , or even your shooting " day after” !


Photographe de mariage paris

"Paris est tout petit pour ceux qui s'aiment d'un aussi grand amour."

J. Prévert

Paris wedding photographer


YOUR wedding photographer in Paris, in love with Parisian lovers!


As a "lifestyle" photographer , in love with beautiful images, I transcribe moments of life, natural and spontaneous, on the spot, in the style of photojournalism , but I am also keen to enhance couples with wedding photos artistic , aesthetic, a little more editorial.

My work as a Paris wedding photographer consists of this delicious mixture, and wedding photography in Paris must partly, in my opinion, have a poetic atmosphere .


I am a simple, accessible and enthusiastic photographer. I love loving and bubbly brides and grooms, and I see your big day as a unique opportunity to CELEBRATE, LAUGH, CRY, DANCE, VIBRATE... and CREATE your most beautiful memories together...


How does a wedding report work in Paris?

Find your professional photographer in Paris

​Choosing your wedding photographer is not a trivial matter. And the choice can impact not only your wedding but also your memories. You've spent energy, time and money designing your reception, and your wedding photos need to be up to par.

As for the wedding day, you and your guests will spend a lot of time with your photographer.

It is therefore essential to ensure that the feeling comes across well and that its style matches your expectations. The best Paris wedding photographer for you is the one who ticks both of these points.

Take the time to choose a professional wedding photographer in Paris and have a good chat with them. Ask questions, talk about your expectations. The more you know about him and vice versa, the more you will be assured of having a successful and trouble-free day, and of obtaining wonderful wedding photos.

I usually talk for a long time beforehand with my future bride and groom, during a video meeting, by telephone, or over coffee, and we stay in touch until the wedding to refine the day.


Having experience with weddings, I also give my bride and groom a booklet to give them my best advice.

Candice Fouliard Wedding photographer in Paris

How does a Paris wedding report take place?

Photographe de mariage a Paris
photographe mariage paris

It's up to you !

As a Paris wedding photographer I offer

different packages ranging from a simple civil ceremony in Paris to a complete wedding photo report over the entire day. Together we put together your tailor-made service.

You can choose from different packages or add à la carte options, according to your wishes.

Photos of preparations,

are often very appreciated. They allow you to have the complete story of the day. It is a very aesthetic moment, rich in emotions and connections , when the future bride puts on her wedding dress with her bridesmaids or the future groom gets ready with his witnesses.

The first look,

with your future spouse, or your father, your mother, or even your witnesses... The moment of discovery in the wedding dress or the groom's suit is often the most charged with emotions .

Photographe mariage a Paris
Photographe mariage à Paris

​The ceremonies, ​
Whether civil or religious, I adapt to each of their specificities.
 I love the town halls of Paris because they have the charm of the old. Their mineral facades provide a beautiful background for your wedding photos and the wedding rooms are decorated with woodwork with large windows which let in optimal natural light for a cozy atmosphere.

Photographe professionnel mariage Paris
Photographe professionnel de mariage à Paris

​Couple Photos

Getting married in Paris is the guarantee of having a magnificent setting for your couple photos, whether they are your wedding, engagement or "day after" photos in Paris.

Paris is full of places, alleys, romantic monuments or typical places, like its cafes or its metro.

Are you wondering where to take your wedding photos in Paris?

As a wedding photographer in Paris, I offer to help you organize your route for your photo shoot in Paris, in the most graphic places, at the least crowded times and places.

You can also consult an idea for a route in my blog article on “where to find places for your couple photos in Paris”.

Having my access, I can also offer you a couple photo session on the roofs of Paris.

Photographes mariage  Paris
Photographie de mariage à Paris

The cocktail ​
A moment to let go with your loved ones, after a day full of strong emotions..
With my 35 mm, I slip among your guests and I come to capture your exchanges, your laughter, your embraces for spontaneous wedding photographs that capture the atmosphere of the party. ​
This is the opportunity to do your bouquet toss, and group photos in complete relaxation, around a glass of champagne to make the moment more fun and why not make it a real entertainment of the evening.

reportage de mariage Paris
idee mariage Paris

The evening

I will stay, according to your wishes, until the arrival of the brides , the speeches and the sharing of the cake or even the first dances , for a complete report.

photo mariage paris

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Paris?

Prices for a Paris wedding photographer

tarif photographe mariage Paris

Paris wedding photographer prices can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the experience of the photographer, length of coverage, quality of final products, and other additional services.


Beginner or Amateur Photographers, can charge between €500 and €1500 for basic coverage. Their rates are usually cheaper because they have less experience.


Established Professional Photographers with many years of experience. They can charge between €1500 and €4000 or more for full wedding coverage. Their rates are generally higher due to their expertise and the quality of their work.

Packages and Options: Some photographers offer packages that may include different levels of coverage, engagement sessions, custom photo albums, printing, and more. The prices of these packages may vary depending on the options chosen. ​


Additional Services: In addition to basic coverage, photographers may charge additional fees for services such as additional photo sessions, additional wedding day hours, additional prints, premium photo albums, etc.

My Paris wedding photographer rates start at 1390 euros for 6 hours of coverage.


I offer you tailor-made packages with different possible options. Do not hesitate to contact me to obtain my brochure and book a discovery meeting.

mariage Paris


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